This bacterium is resistant to penicillin.

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She took advantage of her paid vacation and went skiing.

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Don't let that stop you.

We have the equipment.

Cliff shakes his spear in anger at bear.

Although my strength has started to give out, I do not want to show my weakness to people.

Look, I told you Cathy is a friend of mine.

Whichever way you may take, you can get to the station.

It's a redundant text.


Kaoru has gone to America.

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I really need to eat some waffles, stat!


Congress refused to act.


Mike said that he was very careless.

The dancers really came to life during the Latin numbers.

Gerard was killed in an ambush.


Stacey is really awfully nice.

Devon usually helps me with this kind of thing.

Why did you challenge Griff?

Louiqa shut the kitchen door.

I never dreamed that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

My parents weren't very rich.

We don't owe Vinod anything.

We have to make sure we get this done by 2:30.

He got used to the work.

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I thought you said you didn't speak French.

I'm surprised they let Richard in here.

Jesse told me to shut up.

Has something changed?

Are you walking home?


Takuya told me to depart immediately.

The wolf went into the henhouse.

Antonella is a safe driver.

You can't just leave us here with no food and water.

He has a painting of Jesus Christ in the living room.

You throw like a girl.

Can you return starling chicks to their parents?

I told you I didn't want any of this.

I would just as soon not make a big deal out of this.

Where's the ketchup?

I was going to do it yesterday.

I knocked on the door, but nobody answered.

Daniele said you cut your arm.

Its conclusion is crystal clear.

We have bad news for them.


I just wanted to say thank you for last night.


Shirley said that's to be expected.


Today week I'll be in England.

I'm happy to hear that your injuries aren't serious.

You don't love me. You never have!

I'll be sure Eddy gets the message.

We two became acquainted at a party.

Many languages borrow from English words.

I'd like to put something in the hotel safe.


I got a taxi in front of the station.


I hear you well.


There's something I've been wanting to ask you.


Pratapwant picked up the helmet and put it on.


These poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.

We're anticipating more charges.

I will help you for the sake of our old friendship.


He started the day with a good breakfast.

Graham has what he needs.

I think Trey should eat more.

Aren't you the lucky one?

The first prize may be won by him.

I don't deserve this and you know it.

Spyros and I had a busy evening.

I should call an ambulance.

The population of Wellington is only about one fortieth that of Tokyo.

This is an apple.

I heard you talking to Ninja.


I don't know anything about you.

It's his word against hers.

Let's review.

Give this to Doyle.

We've got good news for you.

There are gaps between the boards in the box. If you fit them in snugly, you'll get more use out of the box.

He offered Hy a gift.


Frederic says that Roxie spends his money a little too freely.

Pantelis will be here in about thirty minutes.

We can't look at that right now.

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Sofoklis wasn't polite to Mayo.


I tried to warn him.


I've decided to forgive Moses.

Make the most of your vacation.

I'm not going to be there.


The storm developed into a typhoon.

No left his son a fortune.

Be careful not to wake Shirley up.


I would've left.


I might vote for her.

All around the walls hung pictures, and by the great stove stood large Chinese vases with lions on the covers; there were rocking-chairs, silken sofas, great tables covered with picture-books, and toys worth a hundred times a hundred dollars, at least the children said so.

When the firemen found out the girl's location, they ran to rescue her.

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I've got to get Kari to help.


Did you tell anyone about what Jakob did?

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Moringa leaves have a lot of health benefits.


I hope I get a watch for my birthday.

My mother gets up at six every morning.

I was busy yesterday.


All legitimate claims will be settled.

Unfortunately, I have to get up early every morning.

Christian asked me to buy him something to drink.

Can you update my software?

There have been many accessions to the party.


While John was reading his newspaper, his wife was watching TV.

Mario is 3 years older than Duncan.

Tell her I said goodbye.

Bring your children along.

That must have been terrible.

Shepard served on a destroyer during World War II.

I have a rash on my neck.

Because Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village, the stepmother and her two daughters envied and hated her.

He washes the car every week.

Everything's going to be okay.

I lose things all the time.

Angela will return home soon.

Hey, put that back.

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Takayuki couldn't understand Sergei at first.

Ron hardly ever complains to the boss.

He's on a diet because he is a little overweight.


They burned themselves.


When two countries end a war, they sign a peace treaty.


This year we offer the same language course as last year.

The meeting broke up at seven.

She told him everything.

That is because you always study hard.

You bought it, the woman bought it.

Car windows accumulate frost on winter mornings.

I didn't need his help.

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The sun descended behind the mountains.

It's only a temporary solution.

His voice was drowned by the yells.


Wolfgang has a lot of money, but not very many friends.


Syun slowly drew back.


All four of the boys didn't have alibis.

Why not go talk to her?

Is it possible for you to come to the office an hour earlier than usual tomorrow?

Tandy let Price drive his new car.

I should be, I have been skating since I was five years.


You cannot scale creativity.

Vincenzo has a younger sister named Clare.

Akebono was born in Hawaii but for fifteen years was a professional in Japanese sumo. At over two metres tall, he towers over the other athletes and weighs an astonishing two hundred and thirty-five kilograms.

The Belo Monte dam in Brazil is a controversial project because of its impact on the environment and native people.

I have no experience.

What will you do?

He is talking to her.

Do not idle away your youth or you will regret it later.

Kyowa Bank and Saitama Bank merged into Asahi Bank ten years ago.

I peeled one.

Shall we wait a little more?

Emma is always making a mess of things.

She finished writing a letter.


This mountain is 3000 meters tall.


I do love you.

My sister is on her way to London.

It's a long way to Boston.